Guide for College-Bound VI Students

Braille Institute Press offers a book by Jamie Dote-Kwan and Jeff Senge: Preparing for College and Beyond.. This book is a resource designed to help the potential college student learn how to be a college student. It doesn’t give you the answers to that Philosophy 101 exam, but it does explain how to get your needs as a visually impaired student met. It lays out what you can expect at school, and also where and when to find and apply for resources. Topics include:

  • Completing the application process to get into college;
  • Registering with the Office of Disabled Student Services (DSS);
  • Accessing the class schedule and registering for courses;
  • Obtaining course materials;
  • Tips on succeeding in class-How to write and present research projects, test-taking, and so forth.

The authors of Preparing for College and Beyond have plenty of experience helping visually impaired students leap the hurdles of academia. Jamie Dote-Kwan is the Associate Dean of Student Services at California State University, Los Angeles. Jeff Senge is the coordinator for Disabled Student Services at California State University, Fullerton. The book also includes contributions from professionals at the Independent Living Skills Center for the Visually Impaired in Northern California.

Preparing for College and Beyond is available in 18 pt large print or in braille.

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