Blindfold Games: iOS Games for the Visually Impaired

Do you want to use your iOS device to play games? Maybe you thought it was impossible or that the selection was quite small. Fortunately Marty Schultz of Kid Friendly Software has developed a series of games developed for blind and visually impaired people to play. Sighted people also can play these games, many of which are adaptations of card games or board games you probably already know.
Marty describes the development of Blindfold Games as follows:
At Blindfold Games, we’re building audio gamesfor visually impaired kids, teens and adults. Since 2013, we’ve created overtwo dozen games that are enjoyed by thousands of blind people.

With Kid Friendly Software, Icreate game apps for visually impaired and sighted children, teens andadults. The first game we built was Blindfold Racer, an audio game where you drive with yourears instead of your eyes, built as a STEM project with 4th, 5th and 6th gradechildren. That game was so popular, and we received so much praise fromthe blindness community, that we continue to build dozens of other accessiblegames that now comprise the Blindfold Gamesseries.

Each game in the series lets you play several rounds by giving you a numberof coins which, essentially, are free turns or plays of a game; in order eitherto unlock advanced features or to continue playing without using coins, you canpurchase one or more packs for each game. Marty also is attempting to build thegames so that they allow for play with other human players and not just thecomputer only.

When you navigate to the site hosting the games, http://blindfoldgames.com, you reachMarty’s blog where you can read his latest updates about new games, insights,and other relevant information. You also can sign up to receive blog posts viaemail or follow Marty on twitter @blindfoldgames. Additionally, once youdownload one game, if you enable notifications, you are notified immediatelywhen Marty releases a new game. Also, however, you find this information whenyou open the game unless you’ve disabled the screen that shows thisinformation. The screen alerts you when a new game is available in the series,and you can download it right from that screen.

Each game has a detailed help file with rules, hints and game information. The series contains 31 games, and new games are added regularly. Check out the site for a list of games or search for “Blindfold Games” (without the quotes) on the app store. Happy gaming!

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