Drawing with your Perkins Brailler: An activity guide to creating tactile drawings

Written by Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library Director, Kim Charlson, this book contains step-by-step directions for creating 36 different drawings ranging from basic to highly intricate. Drawings include shapes, various animals, and pictures with holiday and transportation themes.

The actual braille pictures are included to show what the drawings will look and feel like when completed.


“Creativity and individual personal style are so often expressed, particularly by children, through art and drawing. The creation of tactile pictures can be an excellent method of developing drawing and other artistic skills for children who are blind or visually impaired.”


“Using this book, I can finally do artwork independently. I’ve learned that art is more than colors on paper.” – Sam Lylis, Perkins Student”These well-designed braille drawings can be a fun, artistic exercise and learning experience that can eliminate some of the anxiety and/or reluctance that frequently accompanies the braille learning process for many older adults.” – Maureen A. Duffy, CVRT AWARE (Associates for World Action in Rehabilitation & Education)

Print edition: 84 pages – 14 point type
Braille edition: 158 pages – one volume

Click this link to purchase Drawing with your Perkins Brailler.

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