Downloading, Uploading, Installing, What’s The Difference?

Many computer users get confused by these three terms. You obviously knew where to come to get the answer.

Downloading – This is moving a file that’s on the Internet (or over a network) onto your computer. For most of us, downloading is just a matter of clicking a download link on a web site and saving the file to disk.

Uploading – This is the opposite of downloading. With uploading, you take a file from your computer and send it to a computer on the internet (or a computer / server on a network). Usually this is done with an FTP client, but some web sites you’ll come across will allow you to send files to them with your web browser.

Installing – This is often confused with downloading, but it’s a different animal. When you install something, you basically “put” the program on your computer so you can use it. Normally this is done via a setup program or “wizard” to make installation easy. Once you’re finished installing a program, you can usually run it from your Start Menu, Programs area.

Do I Run Or Save

What’s the difference between “run” and “save” when I download a program?

When you are downloading a file off the internet you may get the option to “Run” or “Save”. Either of these options will lead you to the setup for the program and install it on your computer, but the difference lies in where the setup file opens from.

If you click “Save” you can specify where the setup file goes (My Downloads or the desktop). From there you could put it on a disk just in case you need to reinstall it or want to put it on another computer.

By choosing “Run” the setup process starts once the setup file is downloaded to your temporary internet file. When you empty your temp file the setup download goes away. This is great if you aren’t a download packrat, but you should be clearing out your temp files often or they can get clogged with downloads.

Me? I usually download to my Desktop then delete after install or save to a Downloads folder or send to a disk.

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