Do Vitamins Protect Our Hearing?

We always try to include as much as vitamins in our daily diet, because we are well aware of their benefits and miracles they can do for keeping us totally healthy. If we have any deficiency in them or issues related with any body parts like our skin or eyes, we go for vitamin rich food items or  even their supplements. Have you ever wondered about the less discussed fact that vitamins are also good for our ears? Vitamins do play a great role to protect the pair of auditory organs situated on either sides of our head. So let yourself know more about how vitamins work as a guard to our hearing ability.

 Hearing and Vitamins: How do They Relate?

First of all let’s see what are really vitamins are. These are the essential nutrients (which are actually organic substances) that everyone needs to have a proper growth and maintain health. Unfortunately, they are not naturally produced on our body to provide for our development. But we can fulfill our needs through food varieties like fruits and vegetables or even from supplementary measures. Many studies have come forth and stated what vitamins can do to shield the hearing ability. There are some other studies which proved that vitamins really work to reduce  symptoms related with hearing problems. So have a look on the following vitamins that are always on their duty to protect our hearing.

 Vitamin D

It is vitamin D that keeps our bones strong. We know that there is a set of 3 bones in the middle of our ears. If anyone has a deficiency in Vitamin D, these bones are more likely to get weaker and delicate. This deficiency can obviously affect the soundness of our ears. You might have noticed some older people suffer from  troubles in hearing. It is because they don’t have as much as vitamin D they need it on their system.

 Vitamin C

Vitamin C is always said to be good for skin, bones and even the blood vessels on our body. So what we clearly can understand from this is the tissues, the bones and the blood circulation in ears are depend on Vitamin C to keep themselves in good condition.

 Vitamin B12

A deficiency in vitamin B12 can treat disorders in neurons which may ends up in loss of hearing. People suffering with Tinnitus are deficient with Vitamin B12. Muscular injection of vitamin B12 can help to have great improvement among them.

 The Magical Combo of Vitamin A C and E

Vitamin A, C and  E work altogether as a Combo to regulate the production of free radicals in our body. Higher level of free radicals in our system could ends up in the damage of the soft tissues in our inner ears. To deal with hearing damage caused by loud noises, this combo does a lot of help.

Although vitamins can create wonders in helping hearing issues, we can’t ignore the other necessities we required for the proper function of our body other than them like minerals. We cannot rely completely on vitamins and ignore other nutrients for nurturing our health. When we are able to keep a balance in all these essential nutrients, that can make us perfectly healthy by all means. It is best to have your quest to achieve enough vitamins through natural resources, even though their supplements are available. Moreover, in order to be healthy and to have a body with sufficient nutrients, we should always maintain our kitchen as a treasury of groceries rich with the essential vitamins and minerals. Click here to know about how to fix hearing issues.

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