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Most people who are blind and visually impaired use one ormore aids for orientation and mobility, the white cane being one of the mostcommon ones. You may think of your cane as merely a functional device and,indeed, it does fit that description.

Your cane, however, is a part of you, something everyoneelse notices. Now thanks to Kustom Cane, you can own a cane that stands outfrom all the others, a cane that displays your personality and things thatmatter to you.

Kustom Cane strives to provide canes that are safe. Everycane includes reflective material that makes you visible when traveling atnight. Kustom Cane will add this reflective material to any cane you send to themeven if you don’t buy a customized cane from them. Kustom Cane will personalizeany type of cane and even offers to make customized harnesses for service dogs.

When you visit the homepage www.kustomcane.com, you find a promotionalvideo and a guide for determining which type of cane is best for you. You alsofind a place where you can purchase gift certificates and a listing of some ofthe new products Kustom Cane has to offer.

You get a better idea about the company’s origin from the “About”page and notice that its founder used to work in restyling for the autoindustry. When James, the company’s owner, lost his vision in 2010, he figuredout that there was no variation in white canes, a fact that he sought tochange. He believed that canes should reflect their owners in some way ratherthan just being “Boring white canes”.

Kustom Cane has a page that is a gallery of pictures of manycanes they have made; the gallery includes well-described images. Thedescriptions, by themselves, give you an idea of what kinds of customizationsJames can do. You can put the logo and/or colors of your favorite sports teamon your cane, advertise a business or cause you care about by including theirlogo on a cane, choose colored handles that reflect your style, or add charmslike Bluetooth speaker charms that actually do have audio output or alarmcharms that sound an alarm if you need one.

The best way to see all of Kustom Cane’s offerings, however,is to navigate to their “Order” page. After entering your demographicinformation, you begin designing your custom cane, determining your cane type,length, and color. Then you are asked to describe your custom cane; you willtype as detailed of a description as you can. Next you select a cane tip and acharm from the list of over 20. Available charms include several butterflieswith different sayings in braille, discs, guitar picks, stars, hearts, adolphin, a football, and several more. There is a choice for “other” whichallows you possibly to suggest one that is not on the list. Immediatelyfollowing this combo box with the aforementioned charms, you can chooseadditional specialty charms which appear as a list of check boxes. This list includes USBbattery charms (yes these are actual battery chargers for mobile devices), ahand sanitizer pump charm, several alarm charms, multiple Bluetooth speakercharms, or suggest a charm in the edit box below these choices.

After you submit your order, Kustom Canes will contact youfor a personal consultation so that they can make sure that your cane isexactly as you like it; they also make payment arrangements with you at thattime.

As you can see, these canes are far from ordinary. ButKustom Cane offers another fantastic program that you can be part of, whetheror not you purchase a cane from them. This initiative is called the You CaneGive program.
Here is a description of this service:

Wondering what to do with that old cane you no longer use inthe closet? Is that drawer of used canes collecting dust and taking up space?Donate your old canes to our new “You Cane Give” program. Kustom Cane iscollecting donated canes to refurbish and send to individuals who are blind andvisually impaired around the world. Let’s face it, we have it good here in ourcountry. With the click of a button, we can order almost anything we need,including a cane. In countries like Mexico, China, India, and the Africancontinent, people do not have access to the proper tools to empowerindependence and success. Do not let your canes go to waste! “You CaneGive” allows you to help us give your used cane to a person far away who needsit! Kustom Cane will give you a $15 credit towards the purchase of a caneor accessories if you donate a cane to “You Cane Give.”

Thanks to the program, Kustom Canes has shipped canes toNicaragua, and will ship some to Nigeria and the Philippines soon.

You can get more information about Kustom Cane in severalways, visit www.kustomcane.com, email kustomcane@gmail.com, call James at901-483-1515, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kustom-Cane/272840179481964,follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Kustomcane,or visit their blog at https://kustomcane.wordpress.com/.
As Kustom Cane’s slogan says: Don’t be plain, go KustomCane!

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