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Are you a devoted player of audio games? Is your brain spinning around with interesting and innovative ideas for games that you would like to make if you only knew how to go about it? If the answer to both of these questions is yes… Read on!

BGT is a revolutionary toolkit from Blastbay Studios which allows you to produce your own audio games from the ground up, without having any prior knowledge of computer programming at all. Who said game development had to be complicated? BGT, which stands for Blastbay Game Toolkit, allows you to spend all your valuable time coming up with new great ideas and concepts, rather than wasting months struggling with never-ending programming guides that don’t make any sense to begin with. If you fit into this category of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, then BGT is the perfect tool for you to turn your ideas into stunning reality.


  • Contains a powerful, high-speed game engine.
  • Uses an extremely versatile scripting language.
  • Comes bundled with many helper modules to make game creation even easier.
  • Ships with extensive documentation and example material.
  • Language syntax conforms mainly to that of C++, making it easy to learn other programming alongside BGT.
  • The language tutorial is available in audio form, read by a professional voice artist.
  • Two different versions to suit hobbyists and pros alike.
  • Liberal licenses – pay once, use forever.

BGT is currently in beta testing. This means that new features will be added, old ones may be changed or removed, and there may still be bugs and other stability issues. We are more than happy to hear your feedback at this stage, so go ahead and give the engine a test run and tell us what you think!

Click this link to visit the BGT page of the Blastbay Studios website.

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