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Speakwire The speaking newswire service of CEC systems an Edinburgh based company is a service to bring news to your desktop from around the world. It gathers news feeds from the prominent news organisations and delivers it to your computer as a speaking summary of events from news, politics, business, sport, fashion etc.

After releasing Speegle the worlds first talking search engine CEC Systems have now built up a world wide market for speech delivery of content very quickly indeed. The company is expanding with a new servers being added on a regular basis both in the UK and in the USA, where their market is expanding every day.

Speakwire does what it says it talks the news from newsfeeds that are chosen by the user and quickly links back to the original article via a simple number key press. It is a functional tool which will save time for those professional people who need to keep up with world events as they happen. As a background spoken service it is not intrusive on the screen until you decide to read the article from the source. Speech is compelling, speech is instructive, speech is the most direct form of human communication, speech is the nearest thing we have to a universal currency. Speakwire brings these elements together in a news service which can be used by everyone. It includes you. This service does not replace your screen reader, but works with it to bring you the latest news from leading companies.

Try out speakwire for yourself

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