A Compact Julian Calendar

We have had a request for a compact braille calendar that is a Julian rather than a Gregorian calendar. Requests of this sort are scarce, but those who need them often have urgent needs. Usually, they are hotel reservationists, attorneys, tax specialists etc. They have to determine the number of days between dates in connection with their work.

On several occasions, we have made tables showing a date and its number in the current year. Such tables are not compact.

To meet the need of the person wanting a compact Julian Calendar, we prepared a list containing names of months, January through December, and the number of days in the year on the last day of the month in question. For those who may have need of this information, here is the list:

  • January 31
  • February 59
  • March 90
  • April 120
  • May 151
  • June 181
  • July 212
  • August 243
  • September 273
  • October 304
  • November 334
  • December 365.

For leap years add one to dates from February onward. In practical use, to find the number of a date not shown, add the number of days in the current month to the value for the last month. Example, to find September 11, add 11 to 243, the number of days on the last day of August. The result is 254 so September 11 (in a non leap year) is day number 254.

Contributor: Fred Gissoni

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