Building on Patterns: Primary Braille Literacy Program: Kindergarten Level

Building on Patterns: Primary Braille Literacy Program: Kindergarten Level Kit

Building on the success of Patterns: Primary Braille Reading Program, the Building on Patterns (BOP) is a complete primary literacy program designed to teach beginning braille users to read, write, and spell in braille.

The Building on Patterns series addresses vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, phonemic awareness (ability to hear and interpret sounds in speech), and phonics (the association of written symbols with the sounds they represent).

BOP also addresses specific skill areas needed by the child who is blind, such as language development, sound discrimination, tactual discrimination, and concept development. Braille contractions are introduced from the beginning along with sound and letter associations.

Features of Building on Patterns

  • Groups of contractions are taught together when logical to do so.
  • Easily confused letters and words are introduced at different times.
  • Punctuation is eliminated except for the capital at the kindergarten level and is introduced gradually thereafter.
  • Ideas for incorporating technology are given.
  • Lessons are flexible and can be adapted to fit a given student or students.
  • Enrichment activities are suggested for additional practice or homework.
  • Read-aloud books to go along with the lesson are suggested.

Kindergarten lessons include a selection to be read to the student, questions to discuss, and an activity for the child to complete. Textbooks are consumable. Recommended Ages: 4 or 5 years and up.

Complete Kits:
Print Kit: 8-78450-00
Braille Kit: 6-78450-00

Teacher’s Edition, Print: 8-78451-00
Teacher’s Edition, Braille: 6-78451-00

Posttest Teacher’s Manual, Print: 8-78452-00
Posttest Teacher’s Manual, Braille: 6-78452-00
Posttest Consumable Set (Print & Braille): 8-78455-00
Assessment Check-up Forms (Print & Braille): 8-78456-00
Student Textbooks, 7 per Set: 6-78453-00
Color Me Book: 6-78454-00

Note: Other levels of Building on Patterns will be available in the future.
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