Braille Transcriber’s Kit: U.S. Maps

Braille Transcriber's Kit: U.S. Maps

The Braille Transcriber’s Kit: U.S. Maps is a collection of embossed and printed drawings of figures commonly found in history, geography, and social studies textbooks. The embossed sheets may be used as templates for thermoforming. Add to them with spur wheel lines, craft ink, glued-on textures, braille labels, and other tactile graphics materials. The printed maps may be used as outlines for tracing or as masters for “swell paper” tactile graphics. Maps include:

  • North America, including Canada, the United States, and Mexico
  • U.S. outline (Alaska and Hawaii included, not to scale)
  • U.S. with 50 states outlined
  • Western region states
  • Eastern region states
  • Original 13 colonies

Braille Transcriber’s Kit: U.S. Maps:
Catalog Number: 1-04101-00
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