Braille Institute’s VisionSim FREE App for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

Braille Institute has launched a mobile app that they hope you will find useful when talking with families, friends and other professionals about the effects of vision loss.

Braille Institute’s VisionSim FREE app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices was developed to allow people with healthy vision to experience the world through the eyes of a person experiencing one of four degenerative eye diseases: macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts. The mobile app works by using the phone’s camera function to simulate varying degrees of vision loss. It was created with the input of industry leaders as well as doctors who ensured accuracy in the simulations.

For more information on how to download the app from Apple or Android markets, click here:


Nancy Niebrugge
Asst. VP of Programs and Services
Braille Institute
741 N. Vermont Avenue, LA, CA 90029
Phone: 323-663-1111, ext. 3113

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