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Betty Crocker’s New Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know to Cook

by Betty Crocker

Every chapter contains clear and precise directions and techniques that will help you solve cooking problems whether you are an inexperienced, beginner, or intermediate cook.

Catalog Number: 5-75760-00
Click this link to purchase Betty Crocker’s new cookbook.

Beyond TV Dinners: 3 Levels of Recipes for Visually Handicapped Cooks

by Patricia Canter

A cookbook written especially for the visually impaired cook, from gourmet chef to novice.

Large Print (18 point):
Catalog Number: 4-02470-00

Catalog Number: 5-13080-00
Click this link to purchase Beyond TV dinners three levels of recipes for visually handicapped cooks.

Cooking Without Looking: Food Preparation Methods and Techniques for Visually Handicapped Homemakers

by Esther Knudson Tipps

People who are blind or visually impaired can discover new safe ways of cooking without ruining the food or their hands in the process!

Large Print (19 point):
Catalog Number: 4-04060-00

Catalog Number: 5-26140-00
Click this link to purchase Cooking without looking: food preparation methods and techniques for visually handicapped homemakers.

Food at Your Fingertips

by Cookbook Committee

Book of basic cooking techniques compiled by the American Association of Instructors of the Blind.

Large Print (18 point):
Catalog Number: J-06850-00

Catalog Number: 5-42560-00
Click this link to purchase Food at your fingertips.

Preprimer Cookbook: Cooking Techniques for the Blind

by Sally Jones

Features basic cooking tips and techniques designed for individuals with a visual impairment.

Large Print (24 point):
Catalog Number: J-21820-00
Click this link to purchase Preprimer cooking or cooking techniques for the blind.

Welcome Table: African-American Heritage Cooking

by Jessica B. Harris

Jessica Harris presents over 200 recipes, both traditional and contemporary, combined with historical detail and personal interviews.

Catalog Number: T-N1130-70
Click this link to purchase welcome table African-American heritage cooking.

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