Blind Alive Provides Accessible Exercise Information and Routines for Persons Who Are Blind and Visually Impaired

When it comes to exercise, many blind and visually impaired people may hesitate to participate for a number of reasons. In this post, we introduce you to Blind Alive, whose mission is to help blind and visually impaired people to be more active and to incorporate exercise into their lives. One of Blind Alive’s team members provided the following information about their mission and their website:

Fitness has always been a concern for both mental andphysical health regardless of age, gender, or any other variables that makeeach of us unique. And for those who are blind, fitness is every bit as much—ifnot more—important.

Exercise for the visually impaired is something that shouldbe incorporated into a weekly, if not daily, routine for a variety of reasonsthat are both similar and different from those of their sighted peers. Forthose with total loss of sight as well as for those who have low vision, a lackof regular exercise can bring on a host of other issues, including weight gain,sluggishness, and perhaps worst of all for many, it can worsen insomnia or acircadian rhythm that has been thrown completely off track.
A quality workout done at the right time of day and at theright pace to meet your unique physical and mental needs is just what thedoctor may have forgotten to order. For many blind people, fitness has been achallenge: without someone to guide you and without the ability to driveyourself to the gym, it becomes obvious why so many of us give up—but with theEyes Free line of Fitness Workouts, you’ll never have to depend on anyone elseto reach your fitness goals.

BlindAlive is proud to have created a user-friendly,completely accessible solution to exercise and fitness that you can do withconfidence in your own home. Now, with resources you can use, youare equipped with the information you need to take charge of your own healthand fitness. All of their exercise products have been tested by blind and lowvision individuals to ensure that they are completely accessible to members ofthis community.

For each workout, there are supplementary text and audiodescriptions that complement those built in to the existing audio. A wide varietyof exercise types including cardio, strength training, chair workouts, yoga,and Pilates is available on the website.

The team at BlindAlive frequently updates its website withworkouts and products, blog posts, podcasts and suggestions to support you onyour path to health and wellness. BlindAlive creates more choices for morepeople by removing those barriers that keep people who are blind and visuallyimpaired from exercising, moving freely, and creating the healthy bodies thatwe all want in order to participate as vital members of society.

For more information, visit BlindAlive’s website to see all theyhave to offer.
You can also like BlindAlive’s Facebook page, follow them onTwitter, or join the BlindAlive Community on Facebook.

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