Best Natural Single Eyeshadows Looks!
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Best Natural Single Eyeshadows To Enhance Your Looks!

The greatest benefit that comes out of opting for a single eyeshadow is convenience. It will be easy to carry and you can unwind the risk of messed-up shades that are often faced by palette users.

Above that, why waste your money on those unwanted, never used shades in palettes? After buying a brand new eyeshadow palette, you use just a few shades from it as those are found only to be matched with your skin tone.

Even if palettes are plenty in the market with minimal numbers of shades, it doesn’t mean that you can find one exactly with your favorite shades. 

So, Instead of spending money on those expensive eyeshadow palettes, it is always better to keep one or two single eyeshadows with the shades of your regular use. It literally fits everywhere, even with your tiny purse. 

But it is not an easy job to choose the right one for you. Since most of the products tend to be deceptive, I come up with a list in which you could find a variety of eyeshadows that are natural and safe to use. 

Pure Ziva Nude Beach Matte Eye Color

This eyeshadow from Pure Ziva will give you a perfect matt finish and is available in vivid shades. It is so smooth to apply evenly on your skin.

It is healthier, waterproof, long-lasting, and made of all-natural ingredients. You will have a perfect tint without a sparkling effect and that gives you a natural look.

Once you apply it, you will be surprised to see there is no difference between the color in the pack and the color you got on your eyelids.

💰 Price: $13.99

 Pure Ziva Nude Beach Matte Eye Color

RMS Beauty Eye Polish Natural Cream Eyeshadow

If all you want is a radiant cream eyeshadow and brings a light-reflective finish to your eyelids, this eyeshadow could be your finest choice. It offers you a sheer metallic hue that glows and is lightly reflective.

Its creamy texture is ideal for dry skin as well as for aged people. After applying it, the youthful and flattering look will not be left unnoticed. It works just like a moisturizer and provides nourishment to your eyelids. The formula is natural and irritant-free. Above all, a minimal amount of this eyeshadow would be enough for you to get the perfect result out of it.

💰 Price: $24.74

RMS Beauty Eye Polish Natural Cream Eyeshadow

Demure Mineral Shimmer Eyeshadow

Available in 34 different shades, this Demure eyeshadow comes in loose powders. These are all made of natural shimmer minerals. Its smooth texture lets you apply it with ease.

It is waterproof but at the same time, allows your skin to breathe. The formula behind this powder eyeshadow consists of 100% crushed minerals that are collected from the earth.

You can be relieved as it doesn’t contain any additives, skin irritants, and fillers as well as it is suited for all skin types. With an application of a thin layer itself, you will get the best color and you can get your desired look after applying it in a few more layers. 

💰 Price: $15.00

Demure Mineral Shimmer Eyeshadow

100% PURE Pressed Fruit Pigmented Eyeshadow

This comes with a 100% natural formula that contains pomegranate seed oil, rosehip oil, and mica. When the rosehip oil gives you proper moisturization and vitamins with anti-aging properties, mica provides you with a natural non-toxic shimmer to your skin. The major attraction of this eyeshadow is its natural fruit pigments avoiding synthetic dyes. It also comes with a medium to full buildable opacity for a wide range of looks to your eyes. Its base is rice starch which is absolutely safe for the skin. 

💰 Price: $20.00

100% PURE Pressed Fruit Pigmented Eyeshadow

Jill Kirsh Color Mineral Eyeshadow

The benefit of natural, light-diffusing minerals is the highlight of this eyeshadow. This makes it safe to use on your delicate eye area. A range of topical antiseptic minerals are included in it and that have healing powers. It is safer and better than any others in the market. While being healthy to be applied on your skin, it gives you fine pigment and is long-lasting too. You can also choose the right shade out of its available array of 31 colors too. 

💰 Price: $18.00

 Jill Kirsh Color Mineral Eyeshadow

Luxury By Sofia Organic Eyeshadow

Whether it is for a day or evening, if you need a fresh natural, and dynamic look that lasts for a long time, this organic eyeshadow will be your right choice. Since the formula behind it is made of various beneficial ingredients, it becomes a skincare product at the same time it gives you the best pigment. It goes well with all skin types and appropriate for every occasion. Luxury By Sofia ensures you 100% satisfaction with its natural and certified ingredients. 

💰 Price: $17.00

 Luxury By Sofia Organic Eyeshadow

Final Verdict

You already know how a perfect eyeshadow can enhance your complete look.  it is quite satisfying to go out with that perfect shade on your eyelids too.

When counting on comfort, it is always a good choice to add a few single eyeshadows to your makeup kit. But at the same time, it is essential to choose after ensuring they are harmless to your skin and made with natural ingredients.

So select your eyeshadow wisely to confirm that you have the best one with you. 

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