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Everybody knows that keeping backups of your data is one of the Ten Commandments of the digital world. The story of the photographer who lost thousands of his photos from the last five years should convince even the most anti-backup person of the importance of backups.

Still, there are people who don’t do backups – especially of their online data. The reason may be because the process requires a little bit more than just a simple effort. People want everything to be automated, including backups. Automation is exactly what you will get from Backupify.

Backupify is an accessible, online service that will help you backup your online account data automatically. It offers 2GB of online backup storage in the free personal plan which you can use to link to five social media accounts. The free plan will back up your social accounts on a weekly basis and it supports social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Blogger and WordPress.

2GB of backup storage might sound small, but it should be more than enough for personal use. If you’d like to try out the service, sign up and choose the Personal/FREE option.

To add a service to the backup list, click the “Add” link next to it. The next step is to authorize Backupify to access the service. In this example, I tried to add my Facebook account to be backed up. If you are a heavy Facebook user who uploads lots of photos and videos, backing up your account might be a good idea.

Then you should allow Backupify to access your Facebook account so that it can perform the backup.

After the service is added, you can configure it the way you want. In the case of Facebook, you can configure which type of data you want to back up. Click the “On” radio button next to the items that you choose. Don’t forget to save the configuration.

Repeat the process to add other services. You can delete a service from the list by clicking the “Remove” link next to the service name. You will get a confirmation window before the service is really deleted.

What I like about Backupify is its ability to back up data from various social media. Since everything is done automatically, all the user has to do is set up the services and forget about it.

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