Audio Stories for Children: Listen While You Read Along!

Light Up Your Brain is a website about inspiration, creativity, and the fun of being a kid. The host, Chuck Brown, has assembled some great audio stories, games and links to kid-friendly resources.

Lots of words have popped up lately to describe things you can listen to from the internet: MP3s, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. What’s important about what’soffered on this site is that they are in the MP3 format, and FREE. Your computer has software built-in to allow you to listen to MP3s. Most of you can just click a button labeled “Read to Me” and everything will work just fine. If you DO run into a problem, click on the button marked Download to save the fileto your hard drive, where you can listen on your computer, burn it to a CD, or listen on your iPod or other MP3 player.

Everything’s free and the stories are great for young students. If they can’t see to read along, just download the stories for listening offline. The games are simple and may be OK for students with some vision.

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