Artist Trivia and the Meanings Behind Their Music

Was there truly a meaning behind the Beatles’ song “I am the Walrus” or was the song intentionally written to be nonsensical? Is there a specific person referenced in Pink Floyd’s classic “Wish You Were Here?” Is there an event behind Jim Hendrix’s “Little Wing”?

Answers to these and other music-related questions are debated on Songfacts and SongMeanings. Look up your favorite artists or songs and see if there is truly a meaning behind the music, or at least if others think the songs have a true meaning. Both websites have a top list of the most frequently-requested songs, plus there are message forums where you can have longer discussions debating the meanings behind artists’ words.

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Musician Trivia

Just which famous rock singer was born Steven Tallarico? What musical group was formed with two daughters of former “Beach Boy” Brian Wilson? Which artist did Frank Sinatra claim was “the only genius in the business”?

These and other facts about musical artists can be found at Artistfacts. You can browse for facts about your favorite artist or view information about a random artist. Members can add their own comments if they want to share their pop culture knowledge.

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Oh yeah, the answers are: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Wilson Phillips, and Ray Charles.

These sites are listed for informational purposes only and may have content not appropriate for children.

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