Are Guide Horses Really An Alternative?

After posting our article on guide horses to the Fred’s Head Companion at a comment was left about a website that has a different view of using minature horses as guides for the blind. According to the website:

“We invite you to join us in reading and learning why the use of Miniature Horses as Guide Horses for the blind is a dangerous, and a possibly life-threatening endeavor.”

“You will find links to articles and stories that will show and explain WHY this is so dangerous, and why Miniature Horses are not suited for this task.”

“This web site has been assembled by a group of concerned people, and it’s intended use is as a learning tool to aid in the education of the general public, that may seek more detailed information on this topic.”

“Most stories in the press, have shown only one side…that being the positive side. We are here to show you the other side of this controversial story of the “seeing eye horses”.” is a non-profit web site dedicated to collecting useful information about the use of Miniature Horses as Guide Animals for the sight impaired. All content and links on this site are the sole opinions of the author(s).”

Click this link to form your own opinions:

Alison Currey
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