An Appealing Idea: How to easily remove the backing from Dymo Tape

Dymo tape is useful, convenient, and necessary in our day-to-day lives. But peeling the backing off of the tape can be downright frustrating or even painful. How many times have you broken a fingernail trying to get that pesky plastic to separate? Or if you’re like me and have no fingernails to speak of, how many times have you impaled yourself between the finger and the nail with the corner of the tape? Oh the pain! Oh the misery!

Well the days of torturing ourselves are past! Here’s a neat trick that was recently posted on a listserv (brlhelp-afb, hosted by Topica).

When you’re ready to peel your label, get a piece of packing tape– the heavy-duty, plastic kind. Apply the packing tape to the backing side of one end of your Dymo Tape. You want the packing tape to extend beyond the edge of the Dymo Tape like a little handle or tab. Grab the tab and pull– the backing will peel away smoothly and easily.

It may be a little awkward at first, but with a little practice you can master this technique. Your fingers and fingernails will thank you.

Alison Currey
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