APH Products for Persons with Multiple Disabilities, Including Deafblindness

Children and adults with multiple disabilities, including deafblindness, are diverse in their abilities, strengths, and interests. Some APH products have been developed for individuals with multiple disabilities in mind, and many others are also appropriate for use by this population. When choosing products for any child or adult it is important to keep in mind the age, abilities, and interests of that individual.

Below are examples of APH products that you may wish to consider for children and adults who have multiple disabilities, including deafblindness.

  • Rib-It-Ball

    The unique characteristics of the Rib-It-Ball make it a favorite intervention tool in physical education or for outdoor play. The colors were designed for children with cortical visual impairment, and the inflatable ball has ribs that make it easy to grasp. The unique crinkly texture and sound provide tactile and auditory feedback.

  • Expandable Calendar Boxes

    The Expandable Calendar Boxes benefit students who are deafblind, visually impaired with additional disabilities, and students with other disabilities who lack a formal means of communication. Boxes can be attached to one another as needed.

  • APH Homegrown Video: Students Who Are Deafblind Using APH Products

    This 20-minute video/DVD features 4 students of various ages who are deafblind using a variety of APH products. Meet Blake, Samuel, Tyler, and Lynn as they demonstrate the use of products such as Web Chase, the Perkins Braillewriter, Invisiboard, the Rib-It-Ball, and more.

  • CVI Perspectives

    CVI Perspectives is a three part video intended for educators, families, and health care professionals. It provides information on the causes of Cortical Visual Impairment, as well as methods for identifying and understanding the unique educational needs of students with CVI. The third section presents thought-provoking accounts of families who have children with CVI.

  • Sensory Learning Kit (SLK)

    This kit is an extensive set of sensory items and written manuals that help the most significantly challenged learners increase their curiosity and develop specific skills. Tools in the kit may be used to help create daily schedules, lesson plans, and alternative assessments for play or functional routines.

We encourage you to explore the APH catalog to locate other items you consider to be appropriate to meet the needs of the children and adults with whom you work.

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