AllPsych Online: The Virtual Psychology Classroom

For instructors or students, visually impaired or sighted, looking for material on many aspects of psychology, the AllPsych Online site may prove to be helpful.

The site was started in 1999, and it contains eight primary sections which cover everything from classic psychology studies to an extensive reference area. First-time visitors may wish to start by looking through the “Reference” area, which features an expanded timeline of psychology through the ages, a dictionary, and biographies of prominent persons in the field. People interested in entering the field of psychology will want to click on over to the “Careers and Education in Psychology” section for the materials on various academic programs in clinical, counseling, and school psychology.

For a bit of a diversion, the site also has a “Fun and Games” area where low vision and sighted visitors can take a look at some optical illusions and crossword puzzles.

Click this link to visit the AllPsych Online website at

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