Adult Dyslexia Organisation

The Adult Dyslexia Organisation, British charity No. 1022854, was founded in 1991 and is run by dyslexics on a full time basis. The ADO empowers a minority, which is sadly often overlooked. Dyslexia can affect anyone regardless of social or economic background, and the wide diversity of their membership reflects this.

The aims of this organisation are to enable and support men and women who have dyslexia. They try to meet these aims by:

  1. Providing a checklist for people who think they may be dyslexic.
  2. Being sensitive to the many different circumstances which adult dyslexics can face.
  3. Advising on issues relating to employment and education.
  4. Providing opportunities for members to explore and discuss their experience of this disability in relation to its effect on the family or on an individual’s development.
  5. Encouraging public and professional awareness.
  6. Providing opportunities for people who contact them to gain skills in office procedure and administration by voluntary work in their modern office facility.
    >li>Liaising with the LEA on matters affecting dyslexics in the U.K.
  7. Encouraging the expansion of special educational provision for dyslexics.

The Adult Dyslexia Organisation, ADO is a charity run by dyslexics for adults with dyslexia and all those concerned with them, regardless of background, gender or ethnic origin. The ADO is supported in its work by a wide range of consultants. Their web site has some great features:

  • The Information Section contains update news, events, booking forms, press releases, and information on current issues.
  • The Education Section contains information about adult dyslexia for students and teachers in Further, Higher, Distance, Community, or Workbased – learning. Resources on Basic Skills and Literacy are also found in this section.
  • The Employment Section contains information for employers, trade unions, employees and those seeking employment.
  • The Day-to-Section contains information on public and government services, counselling, your rights and legal advice.
  • The ICT Section contains information on what assistive technologies can be used to support dyslexic adults.
  • The Research Section contains information on current research into dyslexia and their accessibility research initiative.

The site also provides a range of accessibility options (e.g. ReadSpeaker and background colour changes), which can be found in the toolbar (visually to the left on their site pages).

For more information on the Adult Dyslexia Organisation, use the contact information below.

Adult Dyslexia Organisation (ADO)
Ground Floor, Secker House
Minet Road, Loughborough Estate
London SW9 7TP
Phone: 0207 924 9559

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