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I love to travel. I really enjoy going to new places and experiencing the sights and sounds of a new city. One thing that really bothers me is trying to find a good hotel and being bombarded with pictures of what the place looks like. Pictures are great, but I can’t see them and they’re often doctored up to make the room look like its the size of a baseball field. Just give me a good description of the place and tell me what’s around it, that’s all I need. offers one of the internet’s largest databases of over 98000 hotels. They are based in Cape Town, South Africa and can offer the best rates around the world, guaranteed. They have a unique speedy 3 step booking process and have been voted as the easiest to use site for booking hotel rooms around. Their guaranteed rates are unbeatable. If you find a lower rate on another website for the same room, at the same hotel, on the same dates, within 24 hours of making your booking with them, they guarantee to match it plus pay you 10% of the difference in price. They have a host of features that will be released soon, including one click rebooking of regular hotels, in depth professional hotel reviews, a generous reward program, and email destination weather forecasts. All bookings are INSTANTLY confirmed via email and your room secured.

Using a screen reader, I found the site to be very friendly with most things set as headers. You first choose the country, state, city and then either the hotel you want, or simply enter room preferences and the website will search availability for that area. It wasn’t three steps exactly, but it was simple and quick.

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Concert Hotels

Here’s a great site that helps people find hotel accommodations close to a wide range of popular music and sporting venues across the US and Europe. Now you’ll know what hotels are around the next Ronnie Milsap concert by visiting this site!

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