Accessible Events with Serotek

Serotek has released Accessible Event, an online platform that makes group meetings, webinars, lectures andother events accessible to the blind, deaf and blind/deaf. Attendees who do not require assistive technology participate as they normally would; unawarethat Accessible Event is running. No installation is required so no trace of use is left on any computer or device.

Accessible Event is ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) and is available to corporations, schools, and public entertainment forums, as wellas online tradeshow and special event sponsors and other organizations. It can be purchased per-incident, on a monthly or annual basis, or as an enterpriseserver configuration and requires only an internet connection and Adobe Flash to function.

Much like a conference bridge, presenters set up an event and a meeting code is provided to invited participants. Attendees who prefer assistive technologysimply visit the Accessible Event web site from the browser of any computer or portable device, enter the meeting code, and the meeting becomes instantlyaccessible.

Accessible Event works with presentations designed in the Microsoft(R) Word(TM), Excel(R), and PowerPoint(R) or Adobe(R) Acrobat(R), with those featuringdisplays in Microsoft Outlook(R), or web pages in Serotek SAMNet(TM), Microsoft Internet Explorer(R) 7 or higher, or Mozilla(R) Firefox(R), and with onlinemeeting services such as Cisco WebEx, Citrix(R) GoToMeeting(R) and GoToWebinar(R), Adobe Acrobat Connect(R), Microsoft LiveMeeting, and more.

Presenters determine the date of expiration so events can remain available or limited to a specific timeframe. Accessible Event can run beside any onlinemeeting or webinar service. At the end of the session, a pop-up exit option will notify the host to close the session.

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