Accessibility Matters

A woman with a clipboard sitting with a man carrying a white cane.
You know that song, “you only miss the light when it’s burning low, you only miss the sun when it starts to snow…” Unfortunately, many of us only think about accessibility when it affects our life or the life of someone we know. When it’s our child that cannot access a book to learn her ABCs; our significant other that is unable to fill out the online job application; our neighbor that cannot use her glucometer because the digital screen is too small. Only at this point do many of us think, I wonder if that book is available in braille, I cannot believe the company did not use current web standards to create the job application; I wonder if someone has created a glucometer with speech output or a larger screen.

It is not fair to say that many of us do not care about accessibility. We believe that things should be accessible to everyone, but we may not even know something is not accessible, or that we can make a difference by being aware and following standards and guidelines in our work as well as in our daily life.

APH recently started its own journey toward creating a more accessible workplace. The first step was to create an Accessibility Committee to guide our efforts. This group of diverse employees is always looking at ways our co-workers and customers can access the same information. We are learning, creating, implementing and evolving throughout this journey.

As part of our growth, we think it is time for us to share information we have found useful. We will do this via a series of blog articles that will cover the following topics:

* Document accessibility

* Diversity and Inclusion

* Human interest stories

* Leaders in accessibility/Updates from the field

* Tools, resources and product reviews

Our hope is that these articles will inform you of accessibility issues and solutions, and in turn, inspire you to be mindful of accessibility in your daily life. Together we can create a more accessible world. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Drop us a line at [email protected].

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