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The Access2Science web site is devoted to articles and links on accessibility of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This site is intended to provide practical information to people with print disabilities, to the parents, teachers, and peers of people with print disabilities, and to agencies and researchers wanting to know the state of the art. This site will be kept up-to-date.

The editor-in-chief has given this site a jump start by compiling Latex commands in accessible tables, something that should be of great help to many blind people who write in Latex or use Latex to read or author math in MathType. He has also written up a series of QuickNotes on frequently-requested topics involving math and science access in MS Word. Articles under preparation include:

  • Accessing the “R” statistics software application, by Dr. Jonathan Godfrey.
  • Infty reader, the scientific OCR application, by the Infty group.
  • ChattyInfty, the accessible scientific word processor by the Infty group.
  • Accessible lab apparatus, by Dr. Cary Supalo
  • An archive of useful web sites devoted to math, by Ms. Roopakshi Pathania
  • Creating Excel Charts, by Ms. Roopakshi Pathania

The editors welcome articles on other topics. Editors are all volunteers, are blind, have earned PhDs, and are executives in companies or agencies that market information accessibility products or services. Click this link to visit

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