Access-USA: Producer Of Alternative Format Media

Access-USA is North America’s largest fully integrated production house for all types of alternative format media from braille to captioning.

Access-USA has over two decades of experience and leadership in helping businesses and organizations to communicate more effectively with over 4.2 million people with visual impairments, and this market is growing every year!

The Americans with Disabilities Act is opening doors in the business world. Not just doors to new markets, but doors to untapped human resources as well. Employers have found that employees with disabilities have proven to be hard working and reliable, while accommodations are often less complicated or expensive than anticipated.

PO Drawer 160
242 James Street
Clayton, NY 13624
Toll Free: 800-263-2750
Fax: 800-563-1687
Email: [email protected]

Alison Currey
Being a Literature Students she loves to write and always kept working for the society and who really need a hand. Apart from writing she is an excellent singer herself. Have found her either reading or drawing in her free time. An inspiring personality you may want to follow at FredForum here.

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