AbilityLinks Matches Job Seakers With Employers

Kathleen Yosko, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton, first conceived of the idea of the consortium that would facilitate the sharing of employment resources such as job leads, as a win-win for employers and job applicants. AbilityLinks is a result of her ideas.

AbilityLinks, a consortium of over 100 businesses and service agencies dedicated to using Internet technology to match up employers and job-ready individuals who are blind or have limited vision. AbilityLinks users can navigate the entire website with screen readers, and other adaptive software.

Other AbilityLinks website features provide all three users — jobseekers, employers and service providers — with more timely feedback on their job or candidate searches by sending them automatic e-mails when new resumes or job postings appear on the website that meet their criteria.

Employers have more flexibility in choosing the type of candidate they desire. For example, employers can specify that they prefer pre-screened candidates who currently are working with service providers. This enables the employers to receive free services for which they would normally be charged by recruiters.

Similarly, job seekers that post resumes have more flexibility. They can choose to only list themselves as the primary contact, or their service providers as the primary contact, or both themselves and their service providers.

An ongoing feature of AbilityLinks services — the personalized support its staff provides to all users. There are no fees to employers or job applicants. The goal of the consortium is a successful match of job applicants with companies, meeting the needs of both — and they have succeeded time and time again in meeting this objective.

Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital is dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services throughout the Chicagoland area. As a leading national advocate for people with disabilities, Marianjoy established AbilityLinks to assist patients with re- entry into the workforce. AbilityLinks is now managed by a consortium of over 100 businesses and service agencies dedicated to using Internet technology to match job-ready people with disabilities to employers, other educational programs, and support services. Marianjoy also offers other programs to improve quality of life, including driver rehabilitation, golf and sports medicine, and wellness programs.

For more information:

Click here to visit AbilityLinks: http://www.abilitylinks.org .
Orclick here to visit the Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital web site: http://www.marianjoy.org

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